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Mom's socks

Soft and comfortable:Polar wool is soft, warm and comfortable to wear. Feel l & # x27; take it easy.

Elastic material:Socks are elastic and can roll up and down to create different styles.

Improve blood circulationThey can be worn at night. They improve blood circulation during sleep.

Different reasons:Choose from different patterns according to your own style.

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The cocooning sweater

Have you ever heard the cocooning sweater that has become a must attempt? Indeed, it is an ultra-chic and trendy sweater that has been created according to the concept of cocooning.

 Cocooning Plaid Sweater

The concept of cocooning:

During periods of cold or during the winter, everyone is looking for cozy and friendly comfort in his house. We promote the warm atmosphere of wood fires or the pleasant atmosphere created by the decorations embellished by soft carpets, pleasant cushions, or grandmother covers scattered in every corner of the house. It is both welcoming and comforting, and especially during the glacial or snowy periods of winter.

Hence the concept of cocooning or cocooning, it is about creating a private space that aims to privilege the comfortable and warm side in your interior. In addition, the term cocooning was created in 1987. In general, it is defined by an attitude or a lifestyle that optimizes comfort at home. Living in cocooning means that you feel perfectly at ease and you are very good at home, in your interior space. The goal of the cocooning is also to create a pleasant, cozy and warm atmosphere, an exceptional bubble in which you will not want to get out of it soon.


Cocooning sweater:

In the same way as the concept of cocooning, the cocooning sweater is precisely designed to complete your winter outfit and ensure unparalleled comfort while staying in your cozy nest.

This new sweater model is designed to bring you all the necessary convenience to be incredibly well at home, whether it is aesthetics, quality, comfort or performance. The cocooning sweater is, indeed, made with special fabrics, carefully selected to improve the thermal quality and functional side of clothing. It is thick, soft, silky and actually pleasant to the touch. In addition, the cocooning sweater is usually reversible. Both sides are all very  delicate, and can be worn correctly.

Oversized sweater:

On the other hand, the cocooning sweater is made with finesse and precision to combine to all our expectations in terms of comfort and well-being at home.

  • Clothing designed to cover yourself properly from the head at the foot, the cocooning sweater is created with an oversized, extra-large and very ample size. It has been inspired by traditional plaids that previously used to take over in the winter.


  • The Oversize hood is both stylish, pretty and very convenient to cover your head, especially during cold or glacial. Indeed, it is essential to protect your head against low temperatures or austere winds. This allows you to avoid headaches or other inconvenience that may harm your health in general.


  • Long sleeves are also ideal to fully camouflage your arms. However, its flared design ensures great freedom in your gestures and movements.


  • And finally, the spacious pocket on the front of the sweater is designed to simplify the transport of your small business that you must have on you. You can drag your phone, your headphones, your keys and much more. Thanks to the double extra-large opening on the pocket, you can even slip your hands if you wish. It's also convenient to warm them up quickly if necessary.

Whatever the activity to do, the cocooning sweater is really immaculate to optimize your well-being in your personal space.

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